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Hatch Up!




Hatch Up!


Strangely shaped imaginary creatures wiggle in a dazzling space of total white. They puff up robustly, then wither to a flat mass on the ground, and then struggle to pull up their weight again. The profuse white fragments scattered all around – could those be the broken shells of the eggs the creatures hatched from? The creatures seem to be in an endless state of flux, engrossed in the speed and timing of their frenetic repeated movement.

Spanish designer Nacho Carbonell created this seemingly snowed-in white realm with its oddly moving virtual life forms. Through repeated experimentation and trial and error, he was able to achieve what appeared to be the translucent dewy white skin of a newborn. Each time a creature regains its footing, it is if a new life is born.

Metamorphosis describes the process, not the result, or transformation. Carbonell’s snowbound vitrine contains an endless series of movements. The walls seem to be responding to the energy and metamorphosis of the creatures encased as they time and again powerfully swell up and recoil. Even the chair a mannequin sits on is affected and seems to stir in tandem with the surges of movement. All the twisting and stretching transports the objects to a world apart.

For Hermes, Ginza Maison Hermes Japan, Tokio


Name: Hatch Up!
Year: November 2014- January 2015

Materials: Plaster silicone

Photography: Satoshi Asakawa courtesy of Hermes Japan

Commission: Hermes Ginza Japan


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