This exhibition, created by world-renowned trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort, explores the way a new generation of designers is experimenting with materials and manufacturing processes.
Nacho Carbonell Metal Rug from Nodus will be on show at the exhibition.
Commisary: Lidewij Edelkoort and Philip Fimmano
17 Boulevard Jean-Baptiste Lebas,
59800 Lille
Until the 08-11-2020

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The Time Matters exhibition shows in approx. 30 contemporary objects how designers try to get a grip on the phenomenon of TIME. Subdivided into six themes, the exhibition from 1 June 2020 to 3 January 2021 highlights the different facets of time

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Carpenters Workshop will show for the first time in Tefaf Maastricht and they selected two new trees from Nacho Carbonell. Come to see the new shapes, colours and textures..: Location MECC Maastricht Forum 100 6229 GV Maastricht The Netherlands

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07-15 March 2020

Two pieces, Tree Chair and Combi cocoon 2 have been selected to be exhibited in the group exhibition show " Seated in Seclusion: Bratslav Hasidim and Contmeporary Design" at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem from March 2020 till november 2020

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03- March 2020

Carpenters Workshop Gallery will bring Nacho's Orange Cortex Tree a unique outdoor piece from the Light mesh collection, at MIAMI CONVENTION CENTRE DRIVE BETWEEN 18TH & 19TH STREETS, MIAMI BEACH - BOOTH G07

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3-8 December 2019

Nacho Big Chandelier will be on show at Carpenters Workshop Gallery booth, in Berkeley square London.

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30 sep-3 Oct 2019

Festive commissioning of artwork Friday, June 28 at 9:00 am at Kindcentrum Rivierenwijk Childcare center Rivierenwijk, municipality of Deventer and Kunstenlab invite you to be present at the festive opening of the artwork Between nature and architecture by Nacho Carbonell. Between nature and architectureis a work of art that invites you to meet. It was commissioned by the Child Center and consists of exciting seating elements that embrace and protect you. And when it is dark, a poetic play of light and shadow is created. With this artwork by Nacho Carbonell, another beautiful element has been added to the environment of the Child Center: in addition to learning (in the school building) and playing (at the nature playground), there is now also a special place to meet or chill each other.

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28 June 2019

Nacho carbonell work will be on show during the fair at Carpenters workshop Gallery as a part of the group show installation. Hall 1 SUD, Messe Basel, Switzerland

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 June 11-16 2019

Friedman Benda, New York, NY Friedman Benda is pleased to present An Accelerated Culture, curated by Libby Sellers and Brent Dzekciorius. The exhibition, which brings together a selection of the most progressive contemporary designers from the so-called Generation X, is an investigation into any shared ideologies and beliefs that emerge from such a disparate cohort. As Sellers states, while any characterization of a generation will be filled with disclaimers, th se practitioners went on to challenge the status quo by questioning everything, the design industry included, in order to redefine what a design practice could encompass and the territories where design can tread. Using the generational grouping as a way into the varied views and expressions, An Accelerated Culture, highlights how the major cultural, economic and societal shifts that occurred during the decades before and after the turn of the millennium influenced and informed design practice today. An Accelerated Culture includes seminal works from practices established at the turn of the millennium, One Man Chair from Evolution Collection from Nacho Carbonell will be included in the show.

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May 3 June 8, 2019

PRESS VIEW | MONDAY 6 MAY AND TUESDAY 7 MAY 2019 Carpenters Workshop Gallery, in partnership with the Swiss private bank Lombard Odier, are proud to present DYSFUNCTIONAL at Galleria Giorgio Franchetti alla Ca d’Oro on the Grand Canal during Biennale Arte 2019. The exhibition will present works by established and rising artists seeking to break the thin boundaries between art, architecture and design. The site-specific works combine extraordinary craftsmanship with strong artistic and emotional expression. 17 artists from Carpenters Workshop Gallery roster have been invited to initiate a dialogue between the jaw dropping architecture of Ca d’Oro, its impressive collection of Italian masters, and the best of contemporary collectible design.

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8 MAY - 24 NOVEMBER 2019

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Studio Nacho Carbonell

Daalakkersweg 14-34

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The Netherlands