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Fleeting Clocks




Fleeting Clocks


Linking the time with the idea of ephemeral.., with the passing of the time things change, transform and disappear..

One clock "wash away", A soap block, that starts disappearing over the course of the time by cleaning the surface, showing new layers as new stages...
Like every morning when we clean our faces starting a new day, cleaning the yesterday...

Another clock "from dust to dust"
Paired with a paster block, that it transforms into dust by scratching the surface over the course of the time, penetrating into the new layer, like changing into something else, discovering , finding, creating new stages, until it disappear


Name: Fleeting Clocks
Year: 2014

Materials: Soap and the other one Plaster

Type: Time Machine

Photography: Robert Andriessen 

Gallery: Rossana Orlandi


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