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Dior Medallon Chair




Dior Medallon Chair


For the Salone del Mobile 2021, in Milano, Dior Maison invited seventeen artists to reinterpret one of its iconic emblems: the medallion chair. A symbol of Louis XVI style that Christian Dior chose as soon as he founded his House, in order to seat guests at his fashion shows in a “sober, simple and above all classic and Parisian” décor, as he recounted in his memoirs. The essential oval surmounted by a Fontanges bow became one of the major codes of 30 Avenue Montaigne, the beating heart of Dior.

Renowned for experiments* that hover between reality and imaginary abstractions, Nacho has always   play on materials, accumulation, textures and forms to breathe life into his work. Moving on from those audacious diversions, Nacho now revisits the Dior medallion chair, endowing it with its own personality as well as stories that define its uniqueness today. Its hallmark oval medallion back is amplified to achieve a pixel effect, as are its legs, which create an illusion of plurality. These facets constitute the unique essence of a modern and timeless style icon, celebrating its universal beauty.


Bronce Casting. Unique piece.


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