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Pump it up




Pump it up


Fascinated by how species interact to create a close bond, hereby helping each other to survive, have a better quality of life or just to enjoy each other’s company, I created this design where this bond is manifested.

Here you share or interact and have the power to create. Probably the act of giving life to something (even when it’s an artificial life) is the most satisfying act for a human being. You become like a creator. You immediately establish an emotional link.These emotions are feelings that are the basis of relationships and determine human behaviour. They move us to act, to love, to hate...

“Pump it Up” gives you the opportunity of creating your own personal companion, your own pet, just by the weight and volume of your body. This action gives you a big feelings of satisfaction, of personal growth.

What you need to do: just sit in the chair, which looks like it’s been blown- up, and then you will feel how you slowly get sucked into it, becoming more comfortable. The chair adapts to the shape of your body, and at the same time some animals start to inflate.

They are your creations, your new friends, which will exist as long as you stay seated in the chair. Once you stand up they will fall asleep, waiting for your next visit.


Name: Pump it up
Year: 2007

Materials: Silicone, foam

Type: Chair

Photography: studio nacho carbonell


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