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Communication Line




Communication Line


'Communication line'' is a social bench which enables us to explore the ways which we communicate between each other.
It places you in the situation where you are a key part of the line where the message is broadcast.
The participants are the filters of the original message, a message that can get manipulate, reinterpreted or even reinvented from the original content.

This project was a temporary sculpture in the City of Eindhoven during Dutch Dessign Week 2012, they Ask Nacho to do something to place it in the square of the Church Katrinakerk , the church already is a strong symbol of communication and transmits a message to millions of people. In the ''Communication Line,'' project Nacho wants to capture the way that we relay information to one another and the transformation this information can under go.

He decided because of the Location to add this time 12 + 1 chair.


Name: "Communication line".

Year: 2012

Materials: steel frame, white concrete

Name:Communication Line
Year: 2012

Materials: steel Frame white concrete

Type: Chairs/ bench

Photography: Studio


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