Luciferase means ‘carrier of light’ and is a reflection on flora and fauna growing in abysses, or at great depths. Even more so then lamps, they are light-producing creatures. The family’s soft exterior and velvety materials resemble the skin of an animal, contrasting with the interior which is all diaphanous and translucent textures showing thorns, hard protrusions, tongues, straps and filaments. Commissioned by Galerie BSL


Name: Luciferase
Year: 2011

Materials: exterior: epoxy resin with different coloured sands, covered with plaster or metal dust. Interior: epoxy resin with coloured pigments

Type: lighting

Gallery: BSL Galery

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Studio Nacho Carbonell

Daalakkersweg 14-34

5641 JA Eindhoven

The Netherlands