Hot Kettle


After Nacho’s Graduation at the Design Academy 2007 he got invited to show his finals projects on the Villa Noailles Hyeres and participate in a companion sponsored by SEB Group of home divises objects.

Nacho won the competition with his “Kettle” Design.

A kettle made out of ceramic one color, with Thermo-reaction ink so that at the moment that the water inside is ready a text graphic start appear in the surface with different color, indicating the condition of the object. The graphic was just a simple repetitive text that say: hot, hot, I am hot...

The Physical body shape of that kettle was so success that two years later he does a limited edition of 6 piece in bronce and Aluminium and a limited edition of 150 in ceramic, this time the kettle has only the function of a simple Jugs.

In 2010 again Nacho develop “transformation" from the original shape of 10 pieces in collaboration with the ceramic artist Marina Relou.


Name: Hot Kettle
Year: 2007

Materials: Ceramic, Bronce, Aluminium

Type: Kettle/Base

Photography: Tatiana Uzlova

Gallery: Rossana Orlandi

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Studio Nacho Carbonell

Daalakkersweg 14-34

5641 JA Eindhoven

The Netherlands