Fossil cabinet is a part of Fossil collection by Nacho Carbonell. As description of Fossil: preserved remains of animals, plants and organism from the remote past... , Nacho had been collecting, gather and picking up remains materials from the past projects and experiments, and use them to shape new molds that later where casted on concrete, creating amazing supports or foundations for new objects. In this case a Console and a Cabinet, that also fossilise cardboard boxes from the transport and packaging from the old materials and pieces. Creating this colourful formations that remain as rock look like furniture, almost as if they had been undercover.


Name: Fossil Collection
Year: 2016

Materials: Metal Frame, Concrete

Type: Cabinet and console

Photography: Maarten Coolen

Gallery: Rossana Orlandi

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Studio Nacho Carbonell

Daalakkersweg 14-34

5641 JA Eindhoven

The Netherlands